Esteemed Advisors and Distinguished Participants,
It is my utmost honor and pleasure to welcome you to the seventh edition of Darüşşafaka Model United Nations Conference, that will be hosted at Darüşşafaka High School of Istanbul, Turkey.
This year, we will be focusing on the theme of “Seeking clarity:Breaking out of the interminable political spiral induced by autocratic negotiations” In the current political atmosphere with negotiations which turn no concrete results, it is our primary objective to establish a global conception of clarity in order to provide ourselves with the indispensable facilities. For the occurrence of these facilities, international cooperation needs to grow beyond our self-interests and repeating cycle of instability and suspense needs to be broken down. By performing these final attempts we can hope to form an outline that will guide us and many generations to design a more transparent, cooperative, and collaborative world where global and political situations with problematic aspects will be resolved without getting tangled up in the roots of self-centered negotiations.
In the present age, our world is connected more than ever with the rapidly growing international efforts to cooperate to solve the problems that pose a threat to us all. Even at this age, there are still many aspects of these comprehensive negotiations that could possibly unsettle our unified approach. In the recent events around the globe, it has been made clear that self-seeking negotiations will return no conclusive results and will continue to create a political atmosphere of ambivalence if not attended with a clarity aimed unified effort. Every attempt to solve the global issues that require nothing less than our upmost attention every negotiation to resolve a domestic conflict that may concern multiple nations are bound to fail if the United Nations and its member states can not break out of the interminable spiral of the self-centered political paradigm. In this year’s conference, we encourage you to adapt your state’s policy to overcome these presented situations while being loyal to the interests of your nation and of others and seek to find common ground.
With its completely reformed structure, DŞMUN’19 will be offering a sensational Special committee: Historical Council with its crisis-based approach, I believe that it will create a memorable experience for all of its participants.
On behalf of the Executive Board, I assure you that we will be giving our fullest to create an exceptional atmosphere for all of you to have a conference to be remembered for years to come.
Yours sincerely,
Secretary-General of DŞMUN’19
Fatma Caner