Theme Letter

Esteemed Participants, Distinguished Observers, and Honorable Guests,

We are more than delighted to officially announce DarüşşafakaMUN’24, and thrilled to be able to welcome you to the ninth annual session of DarüşşafakaMUN.

As we see the brutal scars left by ongoing conflicts and disputes between states on humanity, we strongly emphasize the importance of peace, unity, and disarmament for the sustainability of life on Earth. In an age where people are divided and antagonized by religion, language, race, color, gender and sexual orientation (etc.), it is clear that only peaceful, non-corrupt states that respect human rights and believe in the rule of law can stand strong and survive in this conflict. Unfortunately, in this era of increasing diplomatic and military tensions, we regret to note that such states are in the minority.

We would like to underline that civil society is no longer sufficient to ensure peace and prosperity in a world where tensions between countries and continents are escalating, where humanity is rapidly being dragged into an environment of war, and which is on the brink of mass extinction with the increase in nuclear warheads, and that only a union of states will be effective at this point. At a time when some states are at war over economic markets with embargoes and sanctions, others over land with arms and troops, governments must reunite and reach a compromise for the peace and well-being of civilians, free from these greedy and capitalist policies that favor their material interests. In the 21st century, a time of technological and scientific revolutions, we can only avoid the continental polarization by getting rid of these outdated radical ideologies and adopting a more flexible and tolerant attitude politically. Undoubtedly, only by embracing contemporary innovations and diversity can we break out of this vicious circle and create a sustainable living environment for humanity. Unfortunately, we have only 90 seconds left until midnight as the “Doomsday Clock” says.

For these reasons, humanity is at a crossroads. The choices that humanity, especially governments, will make from now on will shape the future of the Earth. So the next few decades, so to speak, are the last exit before the bridge. Accordingly, before we reach the irreversible end, we need to stop and get ourselves in order. We need to trust and contribute to the United Nations and its crucial role for world peace. We must solve our problems through negotiations at the table, not with weapons in the field. DarüşşafakaMUN’24 is a conference organized precisely in line with this vision and mission, embracing the values of justice and unity. Throughout the session, each state will have an equal voice to reach consensus on common ground and be the voice of the communities they represent at the international level.


DarüşşafakaMUN’24 Executive Board