Theme Letter

Universal Cooperation in the Denouement of Humanitarian Crises Within the Global Age,

   The human race, also called the most intelligent race, created lots of things they need and don’t need till today, and obviously, they are going to continue to create till they completely perish from the world. They created wars, diseases, art, crises, money, beauty, languages, and a lot more as they always want more when they have something. They created problems that turn back and hurt them and everything around them. We, people, always needed solutions and always needed people who could come up with solutions. This need created governments and governments needed each other as the old saying says two heads are better than one and this need led to cooperation among all the countries all around the world. 

   As mentioned before humankind is insatiable as they always want more and never make do with things they already have. This endless greed leads to lots of harm to both humankind and the environment they live in and effecting continuously. This harm can be observed by looking at the climate that is nearly irreversibly ruined, forests that turns into hotels, weapons literally being used on human beings by other human beings as well as people who are tortured both physically and mentally due to their religions, and many more like these. These problems turned into a big tangle where humankind needed help from each other.

   This need for each other developed corporations, as mentioned in the first paragraph. Humans needed each other, governments became destitute and this is where The United Nations was developed. The United Nations is an international organization founded after the Second World War and aimed to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations and help people have better living standards. However, the crises and big problems for humanity and the world still continue as it can be seen. So by bearing this in mind DŞMUN’22 unites all the delegates who want worldwide peace and better living standards for the whole world under the theme Universal Cooperation in the Denouement of Humanitarian Crises Within the Global Age. 

-DŞMUN’22 Executive Board