Disarmament and International Security Committee

  • Preventing the use of biological and chemical weapons in war zones
  • Tackling the issue of the arms trade between governmental organizations and non-state actors

Political Committee

  • Ensuring the safety of and maintaining peace in outer space
  • The revision of the peacekeeping framework and peacekeeping operations of the UN

Environmental Committee

  • Development and sourcing of renewable and accessible energy resources
  • Addressing the illegal exotic animal trade in the African region and its effects on biodiversity

Human Rights Committee

  • Relieving tensions in the Hindu-Pakistani region concerning the recent water crisis
  • The violation of human rights in religious provinces with regards to abortion

Legal Committee

  • Reviewing the improper usage of social media and taking measures to prevent its harms.
  • Establishing measurements and limitations in the framework of abused substance range.

United Nations Security Council

  • The situation in Haiti
  • Preservation of the sovereignty of the Ukrainian state
  • The situation in Mali

Historical Committee

  • The Korean War

United Nations Economic and Social Council

  • Disruption of the global supply chain due to climate change and its economic consequences
  • Socioeconomic consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak for Southeast Asia