Human Rights Committee

  • The question of freedom restriction from the viewpoint of religion among countries
  • The purpose of the press in times of crisis

Disarmament and International Security Committee

  • Preventing contraband arm trades across nations
  • The matter of defusing explosive remnants from wars

Political Committee

  • The conflict between PRC and Taiwan
  • International cooperation with the intent of the peaceful uses of outer space

Environmental Committee

  • The consideration of possible threats caused by urban transformation
  • The controversy surrounding the application of the Willow Project and questioning of its application

United Nations Economic and Social Council

  • Expanding the framework for peace operations
  • Addressing the raw material conflicts between continents and countries and their consequences

United Nations Security Council

  • Tackling the issue of military document leaks on social media platforms
  • Addressing the geostrategic competition over the Middle East and the Far East with the influence of the USA

Historical Committee

  • Cuban Missile Crisis

International Court of Justice

  • TBA