Disarmament Committee

  • Global decomissioning of overseas military bases
  • The question of the unlawful annexation of Crimea
  • Abolition of Taliban from the Middle East with regards to its sources of income and power

​Political Committee

  • Concluding the border dispute between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia with regards to foreign interference in order to uphold territorial sovereignty
  • Scrutinizing contentious territorial claims with regards to the issue of Golan Heights
  • The consequences of official arms trading in international politics

Human Rights Committee

  • Emancipation of chattel slaves in contemporary slave permitting countries
  • Foul play in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  • Preventing the further escalation of the Hong Kong protests with regards to increasing police brutality

Environmental Committee

  • The remnants of redundant electronics in China and the impacts thereof
  • Eradicating the presence of cholera in Yemen due to lack of accessibility to clean water
  • States’ negligence towards environmental catastrophes

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Exploitation of the petroleum industry in Africa concerning the presence and interference of foreign corporations in the region
  • Taxation and accountability of globally operating web-based services
  • Concluding the trade war between the USA and China

Security Council

  • The situation in Syria with regards to foreign intervention
  • The situation in Mali
  • Prolonging the peace deal between FARC and the Colombian Parliament in order to maintain national welfare

Historical Committee

  • The Vietnam War ( The Committee will commence in August, 1964 )